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Public accountants work on documents today, provide documents to clients tomorrow and depend on documents in 20 years. There is a mystery surrounding this process… How are documents handled? Where are files and documents located? and When are documents published to an immutable format?

ClientDocs clarifies the How, Where, and When of client document management, while acknowledging that only the professional knows what needs to be done and who needs to do it.

ClientDocs integrates industry specific tools, rules and disciplines to increase the efficiency, productivity and wealth of Public Accounting firms.


BAI Bragonier & Associates Inc is an authorized trainer for CaseWare International. We offer courses which are held throughout the year in central Ontario.

All courses are hands-on and class size rarely exceeds 12 participants!

If you prefer, training can be hosted by you either on-site at your offices or at a separate location.


BAI Solutions Inc has the expertise to simplify and integrate the many technologies Public Accountants use each day.

Your firm can relax with easy all-encompassing per-team member pricing – easy cash flow, easy budgeting, and great expert service!

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