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  • BSI Managed Services


Comprehensive documented business optimization product focused on how a public accounting firm works with client documents

BAIWay Membership has its privileges

Documentation – on-demand learning – ongoing coaching – community round table discussions

Strategic Guidance

Platform neutral – current and strategic decisions

BAI Coaching Team

CPAs with in-depth knowledge of IT

BSI Managed Services

Simplify and let BAI Solutions Inc integrate the many technologies you use each day

Welcome to BAI

...We make life easier for
engaged accountants!


ClientDocs clarifies the How, Where and When of client document management and includes full documentation of the policies and protocols to manage your main product – your expert content.


We work with your Committee of Champions, consisting of people on your team that represent all functions, to ensure that your needs are met and to secure their ability to lead and support your team.

Learning on Demand

Online, on demand, and on topic…BAIAcademy ClientDocs courses provide hands-on learning during your onboarding process and allow each new team member to quickly get up to speed after you’re working the BAIWay.

Member Community

As a BAIWay Member Firm, you’ll benefit from proactive collaboration and leave behind the disruptive leap frog implementation methodology of going it alone.


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